6 Days Kilimanjaro Trekking Marangu route + 2 night’s hotel stay


6 days


Marangu or Coca-Cola; course is the most famous course on Kilimanjaro today. It is the main course where short term visits are in cottages. This makes Marangu a decent choice for climbing during the blustery season. The course takes its beginning at the south-east of Mt Kilimanjaro. The entry to the course, Marangu Gate, is very near our climbing base at Aishi Machame Hotel. The ride there requires around 90 minutes. This course includes a very much trampled trail going through all the environment zones – from tropical
rainforest to timeless ice, and likewise will get you picturesque African scenes. Being the most famous and the most economical, the course might be packed in July-September and December – March. A 6-day choice is unequivocally suggested over the 5-the very first moment for better acclimatization.

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