Kitulo National Park

Nicknamed, Serengeti of Flowers, Kitulo National Park is the first National Park in tropical Africa to be established primarily for its floristic importance.

Host one of the greatest floral spectacles of the world with 350 species of Vascular plants. Including 45 varieties of terrestrial orchids!

Visitors can walk across the grasslands to watch birds and wildflowers. Hill climbing in mountain ranges is also offered. Hiking from the park across the Livingstone Mountains is another opportunity and will lead to the breathtaking Matema beach in lake Nyasa.

Indeed, it is a rare botanical marvel, home to a newly discovered monkey species as well as which erupts into a riotous wild-flowered display of breathtaking scale and diversity during the main rain season.

Kitulo supports the largest and most important montane grassland community in Tanzania.

But Kitulo, a botanist and Hiker’s paradise, also is highly attractive to bird watchers. Tanzania’s only population of Denham’s Bustard is a resident, alongside blue swallow and such range-restricted species as mountain marsh widow, Njombe Cisticola and Kipengere seedeater.

Tourists can hike in the specially developed trail system. These include open walking across the grasslands to watch birds and wildflowers and hill climbing on the neighbouring ranges.

A half-day hike from the park across the Livingstone Mountains leads to the scenic Matema beach on Lake Nyasa.

The Highland Mangabey, famously known as Kipunji is the first new monkey species discovered in Africa in 20 years.

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