About Jafrankly Tours and Safaris

Frank Mshana

Company Founder & Managing Director.

Yehuda Braverman

Tour Guide & Company Representative in Israel

Jafrankly Tours and Safari stands out to be one of the most reputable indigenous-owned Tours and Safari Companies in Tanzania, with tour packages to Tanzania and Zanzibar. It is a fully registered Safari and Tour Operator, incorporated in Tanzania with its Head Office in Dar Es Salaam. Today we have emerged to be one of the most sought-after Safari and Tour Operators in Tanzania due to our expertise and knowledge of wildlife history and habitat as well as our provision of Safaris Holiday planning and Ground handling services by online and overseas Travel Agents.

If you want to experience the true essence of Tanzania or Zanzibar, then the big lodges filled with masses of tourists are not for you. We, in conjunction with only the very best of our local Tanzanian partners, are here to offer you large, remote, private and exclusive concessions that cater to a minimal number of guests. With so few guests in such large unspoiled tracts of wilderness, the magical feeling is unlike anything you are likely to ever experience.

Whether you want to plan the perfect honeymoon, the daring East African adventure holiday, the ultimate Tanzania safari or a unique family vacation, Jafrankly Tours and Safari offers it all. Jafrankly Tours and Safari is here to offer you picturesque African safaris, ecotourism and adventure travel.

All our trips are customized to enable you to touch on African cultural and modern lifestyles, as well as wildlife. However we tailor-made to our guests’ specifications – so no two trips will ever be alike. Whatever your special interest, we have something that will meet your needs. We do all the research, plan your itinerary, provide the necessary information and cover all details – all you need to do is pack your bag and prepare for the African vacation of a lifetime


We have set a very high standard of our vehicles which is a clear indication of our attention to detail in terms of service delivery. We operate safaris to tourist destinations using Four Wheel Drive Land cruisers specially built for the African terrain with pop-up roofs, extra dustproof and guaranteed window seats insured comprehensively for a maximum of 6 passengers.


Our long-term experience of working closely with a wide range of clients and facing various kinds of scenarios has given us a unique balance of skills between knowing what is out there in terms of our client’s needs and understanding our market to make sure that our products are not only plausible but also possible and affordable.


All our Drivers/ Guides are natives, well trained, and have excellent driving experience, game viewing skills and wide knowledge about their Culture, Wildlife, Birdlife, and Plants.

As we are well aware that the success of our Company is dependent on the expertise of Driver/Guides, we have invested heavily in Professional training. They regularly undergo vigorous training courses in our recognized hospitality institutions in order to maintain the set standards in the Tourism Industry.

They are all English-speaking with auto-mechanical skills and some with a working knowledge of German, French, Spanish and Italian.

However, we provide Tour Leaders to accompany clients on Group Tours, Town excursions and corporate incentives.


Our clients enjoy the services of our dependable connections throughout Tanzania and Zanzibar. This means we will take care of all your holiday planning and ground handling logistics from meet and greet formalities, assistance at the Airport and hotel upon arrival, transfers to the respective hotels, accommodation arrangements and bookings, Tours and Safari organizations, conferences and Group incentives to any destination of your choice in Tanzania.

In summary, we offer appropriate professional advice and guidance on each particular inquiry and assist in the coordination of the final product.


Our culture of putting the customer first, teamwork and on-time service delivery have played a key role in our success. We evaluate our client’s needs and then create tailor-made solutions whilst allowing room for future growth and expansion, in line with the rapidly changing face of the global Travel Industry.

Our client portfolios include Missionary groups, Research Student organizations, corporate incentive organizers, Conference organizers, Non Governmental organizations and online individual inquirers.

Why Book with Jafrankly Tours and Safari

  • Knowledge of our Product

Jafrankly Tours and Safari are specialists; we sell the Tanzania tourist attractions, and we know our product extremely well.

  • Passion

We love Africa. For Jafrankly Tours and Safari, it’s in our blood and Africa will always be our true home. We feel intimately connected with Tanzania’s environment and its wildlife. Tanzania has a way of getting inside you and touching your soul… it’s a remarkable feeling for those who experience it and we are both constantly yearning to experience more. Tanzania is our passion and we get wonderful pleasure from introducing new guests or helping past visitors to reconnect with all that Tanzania has to offer.

Price / Value

You will pay the same (but usually even less) booking your Tanzanian safari holiday with us than by booking directly with Tanzanian lodges and camps. You do not pay extra for our services, rather, we receive discounted rates from these accommodation facilities during the safari, add our markup, and still pass along net savings to our guests.

In addition, you have the assurance that your trip is being planned and your booking handled by experienced and passionate native safari experts on hand to answer all your questions before you travel.

Our trips have no hidden costs. We don’t quote you a low price and then tell you later that, in addition, you have to pay additional fees or that inter-country transportation is extra. When we quote on a safari tour, practically everything except gratuities, personal purchases, and perhaps imported liquors are typically included in the cost. We will always inform you upfront about any additional costs.

Finally, We do not attempt to offer cut-rate pricing for a lesser quality experience to attract guests; rather, we strive to offer the best value no matter the level of pricing or luxury and we only work with partners in Tanzania who offer such a value.


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